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    3. British Team Chasing
      National Championship - Cancelled
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      British Team Chasing

      British Team Chasing

      British Team Chasing

      Your Local Team Chase Course Description

      Every course is different and while the Team Chasing rules (click here) outline the maximum heights for Novice, Intermediate and Open, level of difficulty can be affected by terrain, course layout and the nature of the fences.

      Warwickshire, Watergall Farm, Southam:
      Mainly level farmland
      Course updated 2019, new uphill start and early section with hedges which continue to mature.
      Novice: hedges and rails (including a few portables) and a ‘trot in’ water splash which is sometimes dry. Generously-sized pen towards the end of the course.
      Intermediate – up to height, good hedges. Pen, water splash, road crossing at the end.
      Official photographs: https://www.1stclassimages.com/f476619688

      Belvoir, Garthorpe, near Melton Mowbray:
      Built within the point to point course at Garthorpe around a natural amphitheatre so fairly hilly
      Use different class descriptions ie:
      Fun: (small novice height) Hedges and rails, ditch towards the end, also ‘trot in’ water splash.
      Novice: (larger novice height) Some bigger hedges. Ditch and water splash.
      Intermediate: (one of the larger ones; good prep for opens) Good hedges,? plenty of twists and turns including ‘bow tie’ feature fence, ditches and water splash. Makes use of the terrain, need to be fairly fit.
      Official photographs: https://www.1stclassimages.com/f118509838

      Mainly pastureland, hilly section in the middle, new course so still developing
      Novice: timber, stone walls and a few hedges, Twists and turns, several island fences
      Intermediate: timber, stone walls and a few hedges with rails in, some good drops, twisty, needs an agile horse.
      Official photographs: https://www.1stclassimages.com/f498570408

      Berkeley, Hystfield, Gloucestershire:
      Undulating, old turf
      Novice: Inviting, variety of fences including hedges and timber, generously sized pen.
      Intermediate: Up to height, plenty of hedges and some drops, pen.
      Open: Challenging, good hedges, plenty of drops, feature hedge with large ditch in front (also now an option in the inter). Several hilly sections so needs a fit horse. A few twists and turns but also long galloping sections.
      Official photographs: https://galleries.everybodysmile.co.uk/cgi-bin/public.cgi?Id=352244

      Meynell, Alkmonton, Derbyshire:
      Uses natural undulations on old turf.
      Novice: Inviting with plenty of variety, hedges, several ditches,? a few island fences, “trot in’ water splash, semi-circular pen. Not too big.
      Intermediate: up to height, good hedges, some challenging fences including ditches and water splash; pen
      Open: Challenging, up to height, good hedges and drops, several ditches and water; pen, hilly section.
      Official photographs: https://galleries.everybodysmile.co.uk/cgi-bin/public.cgi?Id=278390

      Pytchley, Winwick, Northants:
      Undulating, old turf
      Novice: Good hedges and rails including drops, one of the bigger ones so a good prep for intermediate, but always jumps well. Uphill finish
      Intermediate: Again, good hedges and rails, twisty sections. Uphill finish
      Open: Feature drop hedge and several other drops, twisty sections, feature drop palisade. Not huge but needs intelligent riding.? Steep uphill finish, needs a fit horse.
      Official photographs: https://galleries.everybodysmile.co.uk/cgi-bin/public.cgi?Id=352964

      Grafton, Sulgrave, Northamptonshire:
      Undulating, old turf
      Novice: Very inviting, rails and a few hedges, mainly level course, good first time option as not especially big.
      Intermediate: Some good hedges, rails, one hilly section, twists and turns in early part.
      Open: Lots of good hedges, some timber, quite hilly, feature angled drop, early twists and turns. Good first open.
      Official photographs: https://galleries.everybodysmile.co.uk/cgi-bin/public.cgi?Id=28048

      Cotswold, Andoversford, Gloucestershire:
      Lush parkland turf, undulating
      Novice: Very inviting, lots of variety, hedges, stone walls, water splash, wooded sections. Hilly so need some steering/brakes! Uphill finish.
      Intermediate: Again lots of variety, some twists and turns, drops, ‘shooting butt’, wooded section, drop over water and trakehner. Uphill finish, quite long so need fit horse.
      Open: All the variety you could wish for including new feature Irish bank (with alternative), drops (one over water), dressing fence, ditches, some solid timber, uphill finish. Not the biggest so good first open. Uphill finish, need a fit horse.

      Essex and Suffolk, Semer, Suffolk:
      Parkland, undulating
      Novice: On mainly level ground, very inviting, hedges, some timber, water crossing.
      Intermediate: Challenging; several road crossings, hilly section, hedges and timber. Water crossing.
      Open: Varied and challenging. Several road crossings including good drop hedge, several combination fences with banks/steps, feature ‘rider frightener’ hedge with ditch in front, woodland sections. Water crossing. Final road crossing hedges less demanding than in the past.

      Farmers Bloodhounds, Towcester, Northants:
      Undulating farmland. New event in 2019 so course still evolving.
      Novice: inviting, timber and hedges, some island fences, rail into water (last fence). Quite small so good for first timers
      Intermediate: Some good hedges, a couple with drops, timber, rail into water, twisty middle section, angled pen.
      Official photographs: https://galleries.everybodysmile.co.uk/simplephotoshots_1600/fbh/

      Fernie, Tur Langton, Leices:
      Undulating farmland
      Novice: Hedges, some timber, one of the bigger novices but jumps well. Generous pen with hedge to jump out. Rail before ‘trot-in’ water. Twists and turns and downhill accuracy question.
      Intermediate: Good hedges, some with drops, some solid timber, more challenging pen, rail and log into water. Twists and turns and downhill accuracy question, tighter pen. Hill to second half so needs a fit horse.
      National Championship: Good hedges with drops and some ditches in front, solid timber, accuracy questions and the odd ‘rider frightener’, twists and turns, rail and log into water, tight turn in pen. Hill to second half and longish course so needs a fit horse as would be expected for a championship.
      Official photographs: https://roserodgersphotography.zenfolio.com/p693417360/h8BCC3858#h8bcc3858

      Worcestershire, Bromgrove, Worcs:
      Gently undulating farmland, relatively new course and continually being updated and improved.
      Novice: Inviting with twisty early section, timber and hedges (mainly on second half), generous pen through woods.
      Intermediate: Twisty early section with quarry, good hedges with lots of turning later on, , solid timber, pen.
      Open: Challenging, good hedges with ditches in front and behind, ‘rider frighteners’ including ski jump, twists and turns, new water splash needs accuracy, pen.
      Official photographs: https://galleries.everybodysmile.co.uk/cgi-bin/public.cgi?Id=359608

      Avon Vale, Bromham, Wiltshire:
      Pastureland, steep in parts.
      Novice: Inviting, hedges and timber, ‘trot-in’ water splash, hedge pen.
      Intermediate: A mix of small and larger fences, hedges and timber, water splash, hedge pen.
      Open: Challenging, some good hedges including ditches in front, large hedge pen, step ups and drops, accuracy questions, water splash.
      Official photographs: https://stephburchphoto.zenfolio.com

      Bicester with Whaddon Chase, Newton Morrell, Oxon:
      Level pastureland
      Novice: Very inviting, timber and some hedges, two water crossings and small rail before water. Ideal for first timers.
      Intermediate: Solid hedges which jump well, twists and turns, water crossings and drop rail into water. Some timber.
      Open: Challenging, mainly good hedges, twists and turns, accuracy questions, three water crossings and drop rail into water.
      Official photographs: https://galleries.everybodysmile.co.uk/cgi-bin/public.cgi?Id=360056

      Heythrop, Chipping Norton:
      Brand new course for 2021 so watch our Facebook page for updates!

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      17th Oct Grafton
      24th Oct Heythrop
      30-31st Oct Cotswold
      7th Nov Essex & Suffolk

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